Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management

Mission Statement:

Clear Skies Software Ltd. is one of the leading developers of cemetery and crematoria software products.

Our aim is to provide computer software and other ancillary equipment that is easy to use, powerful and flexible. We aim to strike a balance between the customer, the shareholder, the employee and the community by:

providing excellent products at a reasonable cost

providing a good return on investment

providing a good working environment to enable our employees to achieve the maximum in performance and reward

contribute where possible to local communities to repay them for all the support they provide.

To achieve these aims we will provide professional training and support at a reasonable cost. We will constantly review new technologies and ideas to ensure that our products take advantage of new innovations as rapidly as possible. We will listen to our customers to ensure that our products reflect their requirements.

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The Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities

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